Main games

These are hosted and managed by us to provide you with the best experience possible!

Platforms:  Linux,  OS X,  Windows

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox where you explore, mine for supplies, cratft items and build creations of your own! We've got multiple servers with various settings to accomodate many players, mostly in survival mode, and we never reset our main worlds!

Platforms:  Linux,  OS X,  Windows

Choose one of seven playable races, then explore the vastness of space, claim bounties, discover new planets and build incredible bases of your own!

Off-site gaming

Sometimes, you're just looking for that little something else yet still want to play with friendly people, or maybe something that you can play on the go. That's where off-site gaming steps in: we have an "Interordi" group, clan or guild in each one of these that you're welcomed to join! Please note that these are off the network; as such, your experience may vary.

All of these games, unless otherwise noted, are free-to-play.

Platform:  Windows

This fun, colorful game is a more casual affair. Fight battles, grind for your supplies and fly around as much as you desire!

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Platforms:  iOS,  Android

Team up with others to explore Disney worlds, beat opponents with oversized keys and attempt to make things right.

Platform: Windows

Customize your characters using a never ending variety of styles and accessories, aim to master new skills, and possibly even open up a shop to trade your goods.

Phantasy Star Online 2
Platform:  Windows

Enter this colorful sci-fi universe filled with four playable races to face ancient and new enemies in various settings.

Stay in touch!

Even if you don't feel like playing or don't have the time to do so, you can still stay in touch with us! The forums are always available for any topics! We've also got a Discord server linked with our hosted games, along with dedicated channels for other topics. Come join us!

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